Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Words Well Worth Repeating.....

As an artist I am alternately blessed/cursed with an incredibly vivid imagination, and sometimes a taste for the absurd. As a potter, we seemimgly have the life of Riley, we get paid to play in the mud, we get to perform alchemic rituals and turn gritty gray goo into beautiful glass in rainbow colours. We play with fire, that is the best part, really... But there are jobs associated with potting that are not nearly so glamourous. Recycling Clay being high on my list of nasty jobs.
I know I am not alone in this, most potters I know put it off for months, some even longer. When you don't own a pugmill, this can be an even nastier job. I try to fit it in every couple of months, but it certainly isn't a regular occurance round these parts. I try really hard not to think about that bucket of nasty.
Which brings me, in a roundabout way, to the words well worth repeating. You see, evrey morning I get up, pour coffee, grab some carbs and check my blogs/facebook etc.  Often this session is full of chuckles and giggles. The usual perpetrator is Gary, but a few days ago, it was a facebook wall post from my friend Sarah. Sarah is a raku potter, she is a fiddler, she is awesome. I could paraphrase what she said, but, um ,well she said it so well herself, I had to just share it with y'all in her words. Sorry to all you non potters out there in blogland.

i am reclaiming 7 years worth of scrap clay...AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!
But it's sure going to feel good to have some of it cleared up. Plus I'm starting to run low on clay, so I need to do it!

This is when I wish I had a pug mill....or a mixer...but then Paul Soldner might show up naked in my studio or something...YIKES!!
I've had that image burned in my brain for nearly two full days now!!!!!!! I keep picturing Sarah, and the look on her face and......
Sarah and her Husband, Paul (not Soldner) are both AWESOME, she makes the cutest raku animals, plays a mean fiddle, and is a fun chick to have around. Paul, her beloved husband is a kickass musician, an all round nice fella, and makes the best damned coffee ever!!! Check out the work of the fabulous Ms Sarah Beck at Wildfire Pottery. The Fabulous Mr Paul Cranford, fiddler, publisher, pottery husband, shop minder and coffee officianado extraordinaire can be found here


  1. Thanks for that, I'm glad it made you giggle....:)
    Operation "Reclaim the scrap clay or break my back trying" is still ongoing....enthusiasm (which I didn't have much of to start with) is waning!


  2. I am sure it is... its a crappy job. what we need is some minions.......

  3. good lord, saggy old Paul Soldner sure did have a talent for getting young women naked, into his hot tub and onto his clay mixer ads :(
    I try to wedge my scraps in every day so they don't ever build up...that's the theory anyway... :) Now I gotta visit your pal Sarah!

  4. pug mill is a very descriptive sounding name. how much do you have to feed them? do they need walking also?

  5. lol Ben! you feed them seven years worth of scrap clay!