Monday, May 3, 2010

Just Another Manic Monday, with a Twist...

In which mama stays in her jammies playing video games and listening to the Ramones while the teenagers get into all manner of adventures.
Mason and his pal Captain Kirk decided to explore the vast frontier of the kitchen, armed with this bottle of Grandma's Famous blackberry jelly, Imported from the fine distant lands of Rothsay New Brunswick

and a recipe gleaned from the far off galaxy ruled by Penny the beagle and inhabited by such strange creatures as Georges Le Soq, the newly famous Cabana Boy Gary ,  the lovely and stylish Maude, and an assorted menagerie of feline and canine folk.
the results of this mission, are deemed most excellent. Thank you Rubye (the Grandma), for the jelly, and Gary for the recipe. Many thanks to Mason and James Tiberious Kirk for the baking and Muffin delivery. Yummy.
Meanwhile, back at the computer desk, India has decided to make a menagerie of her own. A fine flock of origami Swans, here she is making the second smallest. The smallest required pins to make the folds.
And yes, that's a real penny for scale.
Kids are neat. I think I'll keep them.


  1. INDIA holy cats, you did THAT????????????????? Using muffin papers is a superb idea, I am so pleased it worked out, I LOVE THOSE muffins, I really do! I have to admit, the first few times they were blobby messes for me, so I AM GLAD it worked well, alright guys!

  2. Whoa! BABBs breed BABBs, as they say.

  3. she is really talented that kid....