Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mothers Day

So we lead a pretty quiet life, like right now, I am home alone listening to the winds. It is really nice. The folks from the Big House, and Mason, and the visiting Grandparents have all run off to North Sydney to the Symphony. India, is sitting on the baby at the big house, as he is only three, and can't quite appreciate the Symphony yet. I chose to stay home, and relax. Quiet like, in my robe, admiring the incredible bouquet that India gave me for mother's day.

she also made the Vase. Cone six porcelain, slab built, approximately 3 inches tall. The largest flower is two inches in diameter. This kid amazes me, daily, Unfreaking believable. the pics are a bit blurry, the camera is posessed by wee demons today. But you can get the idea of how much work and ingenuity went into these little puppies
Last night, she decided that she was in need of some Pad Thai. I thought that was a great idea especially since she wanted to make it. I had to make a special trip to town for fresh veggies but just look what I got out of a wee drive to the grocery store!

It was a kicka** supper.


  1. HOLY CATS, sorta like, best mother-daughter team on earth????

  2. I'm worried. India is big enough that if she was "sitting on the baby at the big house" that three year old may have broken some ribs. Is this normal for baby sitting services? Do they really have to sit on the child? No wonder we never hired sitters.

  3. Way to go, India! So talented and so thoughtful.

  4. bahahahahahaha mira's papa. lol. I have baby sat your children! I am sure she didn't really sit on the baby.And ya know, some three year olds are so active sitting on them is the only way to get thier jammies on!