Wednesday, May 5, 2010

In Which Lizzie Proves Once again, Her Car Will Run on Air...

I live on an island. Granted, its a pretty good sized island, but an Island nonetheless.  I have lived here for more than a year, and I am still adjusting. One of the things I am adjusting to, is the fact that all gas stations close at ten pm. With the exception of one Irving Station in downtown Sydney. The other thing is the wind, and its propensity to knock out the power. You might think that these are two entirely unrelated facts.
You would be wrong.
You see, Monday evenings I teach until 10 pm in Sydney, about 20 km away, give or take. There are a few gas stations in Sydney, but I was tired last night, there was rain, and I thought, oh I'll just get gas in the morning at Mullins, (my local Gas /grocery/liquor store/pizzeria/ bakery/hardware store/postoffice and Sears Catalogue depot.)
You can buy ANYTHING there, and rent movies! And it is the only place for purchasing anything between Louisbourg and Sydney.
So I ignored the little yellow feed me light on my gas gauge and went on my merry way home, safe in the knowledge that I could visit Mullin's in the morning. But disaster struck in the night. It got Windy, and a bit windier, and then.... no power. At first I thought, meh, no biggy, I am a tough chick, I'll rough it til the power comes back. Then my charming son pointed out that making COFFEE requires electricity. I whimpered a bit, but, again I am tough. I thought, I'll drive to Mullins for coffee, surely they will have a pot on (did I mention they sideline as a place to get a steaming cup of joe?)
Being all neighbourly, I wandered over to the big house to see how they fared without caffiene. It was suggested to me that I might try calling Mullins to see if they had a pot on so we could get there before the rush. There was no answer. They too had no power, and no Coffee.
It was then that Seonaid pointed out that they also could not pump gas with no power. This was crunch time, I needed to take action. Should I take to my bed with a case of the vapours? Should I eat coffee beans whole? Or, take my unshowered self (pump doesn't work without power either....) out to the car and try to make it to town on fumes for a Timmy's extra large double double?????
Being Brave, and a good Canadian, I chose to take my grubby self to town, and visit the holiest of Canadian coffee temples, er, shops-Tim Hortons.
I made it, I got my coffee and spent the day mixing glaze tests at the Centre for Craft and design, cause they had power, and coffee. And its ok, to be grubby while mixing glaze.
The hero in al this is my Trixie, she's a good little car, runnin on empty so her mama could get her fix.


  1. I think I've experienced that same scenario only replace the coffee with chocolate. :)

  2. I gotta find all this stuff on the map, and that dude has got my cuppa coffee alright, mmm hmmmm.....