Saturday, May 8, 2010

Where the Hell am I????

So Gary was trying to find me on a map, and figure out just what crazy place I am....
I sometimes think I know where I am, so thought I would help him along with the exact ruralness and island.
And so, here is Canada
and looking way to the east we see Nova Scotia.Not a half bad place to be.
The absolute best part of it all is the far east part of the province, Cape Breton Island. We have lived here for almost two years, and we love it
and, there I am right between Sydney and Louisbourg, in Albert Bridge
I have lived in Ontario, and Quebec, Spent most of my life in New Brunswick, but Cape Breton feels like home.


  1. HOLY CATS! The end of the earth!!!!! Gorgeousness, eh wot?????

  2. Gary, yer sounding like a caper, quick drink somethin!

  3. wow - so cool! My sister took a vacation on nova scotia and loved it. my kitties name is scotia also

  4. It is a cool place to be for sure, I came for a visit and missed it so much, kids talked about it so much, that one year later, we packed up and headed here. No regrets. Except the power going out with th wind, But Mr Coleman makes a fine propane coffee, problem solved!

  5. One of my favorite singers is from Nova Scotia and they never come anywhere near my neck of the woods. Joel Plaskett.

  6. I love Joel!!!!!! I will take lots of pics next time I go see him play.