Monday, May 10, 2010

They Are Such BABB Boys!

These massively cool artist/bloggers have been added to our already ultra cool blog bunch. And They are soooo worthy! thus far we have Kasey, aka the Reverend Awesome, we Have Becky Jo, we have Gary, and now the next wave begins with (drum roll Please....) Benji! painter, potter, snazzy dresser....
and the ultra cool Stevo. Family man, photographer, Groucho Marx fan.
images totally scammed from Gary's blog


  1. but no brite white sports cars for you all!

  2. from the BABB boys to the BABB babes: we boys are planning a swimsuit calendar to pay for the Key West conference next February. Ben wearing his boxer briefs, a speedo or a well placed leaf for 10 of the months, Stevo in his wee little running shorts and for me? My fat cat Spike licking what has got to be LICKED for December.

  3. Gary, oh my... *blush* Whatever it takes to pay for the Key West trip, I guess. :D