Thursday, May 20, 2010

kiln offerings

so there they are,the white bowl was a pain to photograph, but these are the best shots I could get. The other shellac bowl was icky so I will try agian


  1. HOLY CATS that looks GREAT! I love the colored glazes and the textured ones too, fantastico!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe we will be swapping pots for Christmas?
    (btw---since you are my pal, I would be happy to share my secret new jade mix recipe with you and Beckster :)

  2. OOOoooh - I love these! Who exactly is the kiln offering them to??? I hear kilns love Ithacans

  3. oooh I loVE new recipes!!! and trading..... I still haven't packed my car, and I need to buy a camera, and feed I may never get off this island!!!