Monday, May 17, 2010

Well this weekend was semi productive, I managed to spend way too much money at the grocery store, which led to a rousing game of Refridgerator Tetris. India and I shopped successfully for fabric and pattern to make her dress for year end formal, final decision was made to do an interprovincial mother daughter road trip on the long weekend, and I managed to get a few mugs done.

I live in an area that is steeped in Celtic culture. The music, the language and the art are preserved here as vehemently as they are in the British Isles. Our road signs denote place names in English and Gaelic, we boast a lovely Gaelic college, where you can study the language, piping, fiddling and weaving. Cape Breton even produces the only scotch distilled outside of Scotland. Not surprisingly, pots with knots and triskels are very popular round these parts, plus, I like making em! Last summer, some of my knotwork pots went home to Ireland with some tourists. That kind of made me giggle a bit


  1. I just posted about formal dances in HS :) MAN I DIG those mugs Lizzie!!! Gorgeous.

  2. Refridgerator Tetris!! We play that game too.

    I wanna see the dress! Are you going to post photos when it's done. I can imagine that India's formal dress is very punk.


  3. Grocery stores are my number 1 place for spending too much money.
    That's so cool you guys are making her dress. I'm sure it will be super awesome. And yes, pics please. That is, if India is okay with pics being posted.

  4. i finally have a name for what i do when i get home from the grocery store. Refridgerator Tetris. perfect!
    (great mugs too)