Friday, May 7, 2010

The Few, The Proud.....

So here it is Friday, earlyish in the morning. The misty morning, here in Albert Bridge. Kids are off to school (thank God! Grumpy was the theme of the day today!)and I am chillaxin with the Ramones, and looking at the tres scrumptious glaze tests from yesterdays kiln offerings. oooh so many colours, so hard to decide what to mix into a real batch, and like add to my already HOT glaze repertoire. Takin a little break from all that I check my fave blogs out and BAM! there we are, me and my angels, All over Gary's blog yup the Gang shots are up. Joining the ranks of the Kasey aka, the Reverend Awesome ,  Becky Jo, and Mr Rith himself is the Canadian contingent of BABB. Yours truly Miss Lizzie! I am all choked up. So very proud, and check out our totally badass Bunny logo, Kasey is totally brilliant no?


  1. lml lml
    ROCK ON Lizzie :) Kids may have been less grumpy if they could have seen themselves STARRING at my blob today :)

  2. We are soo like the marines! It's true.