Friday, May 14, 2010

Progress, and India gets Plastered

I have been busily working on new mugs and yarn bowls this week, getting a bit of work done and trying to breathe a little spunk ino the new stuff.
All my friends seem to lead lives in places where one has drunks to take photos of. I am a simple country girl, and thus, have no strangers passing out where I can get Candid shots to post online. I have to look a bit closer to home to find someone getting plastered.......


  1. OHMYFECKINGGOD!!!!!!! Who is that masked girl????
    Awesome pots there Lizzie, I totally dig the cups :)

  2. India gets plastered! HAHAHA! That's wonderful. I allowed a plaster cast done of my face once. Your skin feels soo nice and airy when you are set free of your plaster prison.

  3. I am so impressed with India staying that still for that long! I remember getting plastered on several occasions and the plaster getting hot on my chest was very constricting. Way to go! Can't wait to see what she does with it. Or you do with it. Or what ever get done by whom ever!

  4. liam? are you really Jackie????