Tuesday, February 8, 2011

You need chaos in your soul to give birth to a dancing star.


Mason Grey Haines, Feb 08 1994
photo credit-Bev Thornton

Seventeen years ago today, My world was rocked, and raised to a whole new level. A new phase of my life was entered, and the craziest of journeys began. I became a mother. After a very long and difficult labour, Mason Grey Haines came into this world. I fell in love. This post is a tribute to my Dancing Star.

In the first year of his spectacular life so far He spent a great deal of time hanging out with his Grampie, and his dog Stone and he attended a wedding.

But most of the time in his formative years he spent listening to music and playing lego. He was, and still is quite, enamoured of this song
Another favourite album of his as a youngster was Chris De Burgh Spanish Train and Other Stories
He also had quite the love for this guy, some seriously good Canadian rock and roll.

another of his favourite childhood musical icons was this classic superstar- the man in black himself

Now he's grown quite a lot , and has become a young man. He has developed some new hobbies, and added some seriously good music to his repertoire. He still listens to Johnny Cash, and the Dead, and Chris DeBurgh. But has added some Sinatra, Count Basie, and Charlie Parker to his collection. His current favourite is this fine showman.

Happy Birthday Mason!!!!!!!


  1. Awesome. Happy Birthday to Mason! :)

  2. Happy 17th birthday Mason! It's hard to believe that you have grown so much.

  3. The boy has got a fire in his eyes! Happy birthday, Mason!