Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Blast From the Past

Some of you may know, I led a past life as a textile artist.  I did a lot of weaving, dying of fleece and yarns, some spinning, some felting, A TONNE of sewing... basically all things textile. Except Crochet.  I hate crochet. Not the look of it, that I love. Its the doing it. I can't get into it. Makes me cranky even. These days my textile work extends mostly to sporadic knitting at the perk, when I remember to show up. I have been knitting the same shawl for two or three years now. DON'T JUDGE!!!  Its more of a social thing for me these days. And if you want to stretch the idea of textile work, I do make the yarn bowls...

And I do really like making the yarn bowls. I haven't really thought about my textile work a lot lately, just pumping out the pottery, and pushing around boxes of yarns and fabrics that are languishing about my living space. But earlier this week, something happened. It seems as though some pretty cool folk I know have started a Farmer's Market! This is a very cool thing BTW. Check it out! the Downton Sydney Farmer's Market, going live on Feb 26 2011!!!
Of course I applied for a spot at this hot and happenin new venue.  when I applied I applied as a potter, who might maybe want to sell some textile type stuff. I sent photos of my pots along with my app, and got a message back asking for some images of textiles. M'kay I thought, there must be a shot or two somewhere, of something I made. Nada, zip, zilch.. NOT ONE. All of them were lost when My last Frankenputer died. I was about to give up when I remembered I had pictures on my old blog. YAY!!!
So since I did all the work hauling them off that blog and sending them to The FM , I thought I would share a few with Y'all.

No word on whether I am "in" yet, but I am sure they will at least let me sell my pots........


  1. I remember a lot of those things! Like the shawl, and those purses (LOVE the crow!) and that hand woven bag (and the post upon which it hung), and the blanket and that scarf made for the fellow at the pub, and some of those yarns!
    Nice trip down memory lane! Good luck with sales at your new market!

  2. I really miss that post and the house on George. Letting that go felt like such a failure to me. Someday though, i will have another little house, and a messy garden to play in...

  3. Oh my gosh. I love it! A whole other side of Lizzie. That bag is so cool. Looks like chain links!

    As a non-knitter or anything with yarn but yarn pom poms type person. I don't know how a yarn bowl works! Just from looking at it I'd say you put the yarn through that hole and the bowl holds a wad of yarn? The yarn bowl up at the top there makes me want to knit though!

  4. Thanks Kasey! That bag was knit from galvanized steel, it hurt like heck to knit with! NEVER doing that again.lol and you got it in one, the bowl holds the wad of yarn, and the slit or the hole controls it.

  5. And you painted too. I always so very much liked the fish that you had painted on the bathroom wall of that house on George St. I don't know who bought the house, but if they destroyed those fish, they were arseholes of the first order.

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  7. I miss those fishies too. All we have left of them is the towel shelf. Mason has it in his room for books and stuff that boys collect. the lady who bought the house probably turfed the fishies, and the beautiful tile countertop that Jackie and I designed. Le sigh... I know the math is against me, but I am gonna buy a lotto ticket. perhaps I could buy another wee house to go all paint crazy in.