Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Goins on...

So production has been big around here, well, big for me.. I got some jugs done, today, and I like em! I rarely make jugs, as a matter of fact I don't think I have made one since I left school in 94. EEK! that is a long time! But last evening I was inspired, and Voila.. JUGS!

India was also inspired.. the result? chocolate cupcakes with vanilla buttercream frosting and gourmet jelly beans on top. Not too shabby, and they look fabulous with my confetti tea ware, I must say! don't we make a great team?
last but certainly not least, a very supportive friend dropped this off to me for a week long loan...I am going to be throwing like a mad woman over the next six days, this will beef up the production immensely!
well ttfn folks... those pots are not going to make themselves...


  1. Love your jugs! (Insert your own joke here)

    I super-love the cupcake photo shoot! It all looks so perfect together! That would be pottery that just BEGS for tea parties or cupcake and kool-aid parties!

  2. Kool aid would be perfect for these pots!Ima gunna get me sum!!!!!!!

  3. gosh, perfect pottery and baking and PHOTOS TOO!

  4. Geeez, you put them on line, but you would never show Chris Duffie your jugs. How fair is that? ;-)

  5. took those jugs for a swim tonight! tomorrow they are gonna be hot stuff!