Thursday, February 3, 2011


So yeah... that borrowed wheel is making me very happy so far. Some nice slippy bowls with a swirl or two of spphire blue, and peacock green slip here and there. some are scraffito, some are just swirly and yummy. there are a few yarn bowls and a few regular bowls. I think I love the scraffito ones the most.

so far I have made, trimmed and carved about fifteen bowls. One met its tragic end in a trimming accident, its been a while since that has happened, luckily when it flew off he wheel, it landed on me, and not the full ware shelf directly in front of me. PHEW!
I have continued to handbuild, and so have managed five jugs, and a few more little plates as well over the last couple of days, but I also have this to contend with....all in need of some painterly treatment and a swim in the glaze bucket. There's more of it on the other table, but I think this gives a little glimpse of what I will be doing on thursday morning...After all, I need that space to put more of my thrown stuff. Its nice having a wheel for a change of pace.!

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