Friday, February 5, 2010


Well folks, I am off to the Big city for a wild and crazy weekend of seminars at the Atlantic Craft Trade show. Halifax Here I come! Doin' a little recon this year, scoping out the show, seeing how its done and planning for ACTS 2011, where I will hopefully be selling wares to many fabulous stores and galleries.
I am a bit intimidated by the thoughts of wholesaling, mostly because of the production work, when I love the one off and limited edition so much. We shall see. I will gather info, and I will weigh the pros and cons, and then well, make the choice.
The added bonus to this trip is a simple equation of me+my good friend Conrad+civilization= Ample opportunity for Microbrews on tap, food cooked by someone else and ... no dishes to wash for a couple of days. Yay!
But the greatest part is I get to see my friend Shannon, we don't spend nearly enough time visiting. we chat often online, but there's nothin like sittin face to face with tea, and some knitting, crazy dogs and rambunctious kids flinging themselves about while we have disjointed conversations that only occasionally make sense. I love it. I will bring her a pot, she loves pots. She will show me all her wonderful knitting, Cause there is nuthin she can't knit or no occasion big enough to cause her to stop knitting, she even knit in her wedding gown, on her wedding day! That my people is dedication to your craft. Just sayin.


  1. You didn't think a wedding would slow me down did you? I even ordered yarn via photos on twitter while ironing my skirt for my handfasting.

    It keeps me sane(ish). Thank you for the pottery, you know I value it.

  2. I know you do, I am working on a yarn bowl I think it might have a turtle theme...