Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Inspired by Sofia's Dad, and other pottery related stuff

Today was a day of internet research chez lizzie. Most days I start with a pot of coffee, add a little blog surfing and then begin my real work. Today my real work consisted of researching decorating techniques to share with my students. I watched a bit of you tube, surfed some blogs and flipped through some ceramics monthly. I saw some beautiful things, and watched some talented potters at work. I love days like that. They are so inspiring.
I would like on that note to say Happy 1st Blogiversary to  sofia's dad His blog is one of my faves, it has the perfect combination- inspiring work, funny kid and pet stories, and the occasional ode to good beer. Kudos to you Jim, keep it up.You have inspired me to look back at my first years of blogging and my little princess, she sure has changed since I first blogged on lizzies yarns I have nabbed some of my old images from blogs and now.... here she is circa 2006 blogfodder  Miss India Faith Haines. The hand coloured photo montageabove was from a picture of her at age four (1999), below she is age 9 or ten, it is FIFA world cup time and she was more than a little excited about the England /Sweden game. We were on the patio of our favourite pub, waiting for the game to start.
and here she is today, India, circa 2010, 14 years young.


  1. hi liz... it's unnerving how quickly the aging process goes... to think that sofia's just a bit older than the 1st pic and how soon she'll look like the last pic. india is a beautiful girl by the way. thanks for mentioning the blog as an inspiration, it's nice to know that some people relate to it. sounds like you all had some fun in the next post. i no longer own a suit. my ex-wife bought me 3 suits in the first couple months we dated... how did i not see that as a sign. over the years i'd get one for business purposes and end up not wearing it. i haven't needed one in years except for a dear friend's funeral and i just borrowed an ill-fitting one for that. i gave up on the idea that anyone would actually care what i'm wearing long ago. like the guitar shot too, if i could get the little one to be really taken with music, i would feel a bit of success only because it's such a great part of living and i only listen and don't play. they look like great kids... kudos to their mom.

  2. Thanks Jim! I am enjoying them at every stage of thier life so far! As for the music, India never really showed an interest until about grade four or five, despite being surrounded by musicians from day one. Attended her first Jazz fest at three weeks old, and its been goin on ever since.I just kept exposing them to the good stuff in all genres hoping it would take, seems to be going well so far. She plays the flute in her school band, and is now learning guitar. Mason has a love for old school Jazz, briefly played bagpipes, and now is happy to be a listener, and critic.
    they all find their own path in the end.