Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I Am a Slug.

Yup. I said that.
 Today I am having the damnedist time getting going, despite the mass quantities of creative inspiration buzzing about in my noggin. So I have hauled out the big guns. The really big guns. My coffee this morning, er afternoon is brought to you by the biggest, baddest mug in my collection. The Elephant Stien. This bad boy has been with me for several years now, made by my friend Darren Emaneu at MNO Contemporary Ceramics in New Brunswick. This fine mug has got me through some long days in the studio, and at craft shows, it has been camping with me, and accompanied me to many classes, boring meetings, and the odd yard party, (where it holds beer instead of coffee) in the last five years.  I love this mug.
Just to give you a little perspective on how big this puppy is, I have dusted off a regular commercial coffee mug to compare it with.
Thank you Darren, for making  this beautiful mug, it really makes me smile.

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