Thursday, March 3, 2011


There is nothing about these two bowls that I am not in love with.


  1. Really nice surfaces there, I would definitely take that! Hey, I just read your post about co ops on my blog, so funny, I hear ya!

  2. At first I thought that you had said that there was nothing that you loved about these bowls and I thought that you must have lost your marbles! Then I went back and re-read your statement and suddenly all was right once again in the world.

  3. Back when you were still married there was only one potter/artist in the Haines family - you! Now that I've done some clay myself (see Jackie's blog) I find the stuff your ex did was so, well, boring. Those coffee mugs of his we have are, how can I say it?, blandness made physical. You're so much better off doing all of this on your own. So much better...

  4. Awe shucks mira's papa! Thank you. I just checked out your pots on Jackie's blog... can I just say WOW!!!! those are some pretty sweet pots. Are you ready to give all that high fallutin professering up for the glamourous life of the mudslinger? I especially like the stein shaped mug on the right. NICE handles

  5. Well, I wasn't jesting. You are creative and have artistic talent. The lack of talent in your ex didn't strike me over the head until I took the clay class. After which I thought "WTF? He took clay and that's what he was making?"

    I'm not about to give up my day job, but I think I found a great thing to get into upon retirement, which is about 10 years away. In the meantime I can take more classes, get a wheel, read some, and sort out what I might like to do.

    I tried some different shaped mugs. They all turned out okay, but the "cleanest" one was the middle one. All three handles were different in cross section and form (all pulled) so I got a feel for what I might like to hold. Different people like different handles, so i guess it's a personal taste issue. But I know what I want to do next time.

    The big bowl (started out as 10.5 lbs of clay) turned out pretty nice in the end, though I had my doubts about how the glaze would end up. It far exceeded my expectations, and i'm going to do more big stuff next time too, even though I found it rather a lot harder than the smaller pieces to throw. Jackie may put up a photo when she's back from Ottawa.