Thursday, March 17, 2011

Jack The Ripper

Whern I was in Halifax last November for the NSDCC Christmas Market, I took a little trip downtown to my favourite yarn store. Now, I truly have no need for more yarn, or fibre of anykind. I have multiple rubber maid containers to illustrate this point. But I always need to take a little stroll through the shop to fondle the yarns and feast on the colours.
So there I was fondling the braids of hand dyed spinning fibre, when this little gem popped out at me. Its really a lovely blood red and black/grey combo It looks a little orangy here, but you get the idea. I thought it was just beautiful, and soft and lovely, but I was putting it back because this was supposed to be a LOOKING trip. Then I read the tag. Its called "Jack The Ripper" . I squeeled out loud and giggled. How GORY!!!!! I love it. Suddenly, I found myself whipping out the debit card... and adding to my already unmanageable stash of fibre.
I'll be taking Jack to Market with me on Saturday, along with my Drop spindle. I figure spinning is a good pastime for those few slow moments I have at market. If my hands are busy, I can't use them to stuff myself full of delicious baked goods from the stand next to mine. Good plan no?


  1. testing to see if I can comment, I hear that some folks are having a time trying ...

  2. Here am I, testing the comments

  3. Here I am commenting! Did the plan work? or did you succumb to the goodies? I remember how hard it was to not go to the Happy Baker on market saturdays!

  4. I lost my drop spindle somewhere in the hole that is my fibre stash, BUT I was a good girl, and only had a samosa. I resisted the chocolate Croissants.