Friday, March 11, 2011


In our house there is always something interesting happening. Someone has always got something fabulous and intriguing underway. More often than not, it is miss India who has some crazy scheme happening, or a wild art project to undertake.
 A few weeks ago, it was Science fair and pinhole photography.Once this project was over we had a few weeks breather and suddenly, its Historica fair time. This time she decided that she would do her family tree. Egads, could she have picked a tougher topic???? I mean what's wrong with doing a history project that you can research at the library???
 At first I was a little disgruntled, and thinking that this was an impossible task, after all, we have little contact with her father's family and  I did not have a great deal of contact with my extended family until recently. But she was determined, and so... we googled a few names, and searched some obituaries online to get some idea of what kind of task we were looking at. I sent a broad request out on Facebook to my family for information  WOW!! is all I can say. My family has sent scads of information, and a ton of photos. Its mind boggling!
I am totally jazzed by all of these photos, and now I want to know the stories behind them all. I am dying to find out everything I can about all of these interesting looking people. I can't wait to see what Miss India does with this project. Its bound to be a little one sided, as most of the info we have is of my Mother's side of the family. But its okay if her family tree looks more like a windswept Bonsai, than a mighty symetrical Oak. Its going to be interesting nonetheless.
Among the Many photos we recieved there are some that I am just blown away by. In Particular is this studio Portrait of my maternal grandmother.
I received so many beautiful photos, I simply have to do something with them all. Its so amazing to me to look at these photos many generations gone by, and see my siblings, and my children staring back at me. We sure have some strong genetic action goin on in the Beck family.
Genetics are pretty strong on the Brewer side as well, but blogger is not letting me upload the proof. Suffice it to say, give my hair a bob, and slap a  1920's style dreess on me, and I am my great aunt Irma!


  1. Maggi is the spit of her! But yeah, we do have a similar look.

  2. HOLY CRAP! Lizzie, this looks like you. Can you see how much this looks like you or do outsiders see it more? I know people always tell me I look "just like my mom" or "just like my dad" (Seriously, how can I look JUST LIKE two people?) and I only see it every once in a while. Sometimes when my Dad smiles or my Mom's eyes. Other people though? They see it.
    Beautiful picture. I loved all of the scans you posted on facebook.

  3. You do have the look of your grandmother! Mostly around the mouth. I wonder if she was sassy too?

  4. yes, I believe she may have been a little sassy, in a very proper - British kind of way.