Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Taste of Home

Lately I have had a few homesick moments. I have been in Cape Breton for more than a year, and I love it. It is rural, and relaxed, and there is real community. I have really blossomed here, and so have the kids. But lately there has been a little bit of longing for the treats we used to have at home.
We all miss the Saturday farmers market in Fredericton, with its delicious samosas and pastries. The Coffee from Whitney's, and the many wonderful vendors selling everything from handmade craft, to homemade cookies, and imported cheeses, to Birkenstock shoes.  The Boyce Farmers Market is definitely the social/shopping epicentre for my hometown.
The other thing I miss is a good microbrew beer. Don't get me wrong Nova Scotia does its Garrison quite well. But Cape Breton has no microbrewery of its own. And I have been missing my weekly Picaroons. So when I saw this today, well I had to do a little jig and pick up a six pack. Yup, its true, a good, microbrewed import from the land of plenty Moncton ,NB, I bring you Pumphouse Brewery's Fire Chief's Red Ale. Perfect for testing out my new celtic stamped beer mug.

Too Yummy.