Monday, January 18, 2010

praise Today

My daughter is quite the artist. It should really come as no surprise to me really as both her dad and I are artists. But this kid just blows me away sometimes. She's a pretty decent potter,  and took to silversmithing like a duck to water, but her paintings are what really impress me.
I spent a good deal of yesterday haunting India with a camera in her studio. She is a trooper, and let me get away with it! Here is the result of a sunday visit to the studio of painter/mixed media artist India Haines. Her latest painting is mixed media peice on canvas board 9"x12" entitled praise Today. This is unusually small for miss India. This kid likes to work BIG. But she received Canvas board as a Christmas present and is diligently using it up.
I received one of India's collage on canvas peices for Christmas and feel pretty excited about getting it framed and hung before next Christmas.
In the meantime I have been diligently photographing pots, and posting them for sale on etsy, compiling lesson plans for my classes on Wednesday and preparing for a big experiment in woodblock printing with clay. Its time for more art peices in my practice. Less with the production, on with the wilder side of clay!!

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