Thursday, November 20, 2014


Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here. Which means of course my housework is definitely not getting completely done, but lots of pots and  ornaments are being made. A few silk scarves have been dyed, and even some lovely all natural lip balms, body butters and scrubs have been made. This year I have only attended one Christmas show as a vendor. It was lovely, and my ornaments were a hit. But I think I may have to have an open studio day to make up for not doing more shows, and definitely plan to do at least three shows next year.
Baby steps back into the swing of things.

 This first ornament is my take on a local theme. The folks who live on this island are fiercely in love with their home. To pay tribute to that I carved a stamp of the map of Cape Breton Island and encased it in a porcelain heart. Lots of these were purchased to send to family away from home. I think we have a winner here folks....
I decided to make these available online so if anyone is interested they can be found in my zibbet shop
 I also made some playful reindeer, and kitties, and even an elephant or two. I think they are pretty cheerful looking.

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