Sunday, November 16, 2014


Ok so lots has happened since I last posted, both good and bad. The best news that I am sharing is that I got married. I am incredibly happy with my husband, its been a year and a bit... though we have known each other for more than twenty years... maybe closer to thirty.
The bad, which is why I have been lax in posting, is that we have had a lot of loss. My mom, three weeks before the wedding, my husband's mom a few months before the wedding, three of my husband's uncles, and my ex husband's mother and stepfather. I didn't know how to share these feelings, nor did I know how to carry on without sharing them. Its been a real roller coaster. and it is just now slowing down, and becoming normal again.
The last six months has seen a big change in my work, and in my daily life. I had backed off from social media, and taken a break to shore up my strengths. I needed this short hibernation, I needed to learn to be ok with all of the changes in my life, to accept them, to heal from some, and learn to find joy in others.
I am back now, and I am slowly getting things done.

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  1. Oh, wow, Lizzie, wow. What tremendous pain and loss. Thanks for sharing that and look forward to more.