Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Whole Lot of Change.

So sorry that I haven't been keeping up with my promised posts. I have led a very hectic life since May. There have been so many major life changes since the spring, I hardly know where to start. First of all, I should just say that sudden change is difficult for me to process. The past five months have been CHOCK FULL of sudden change. I have been on automatic pilot, getting stuff done, and taking it one day at a time. We are slowly coming through the other side of what may have been the most overwhelming experience of my recent life. Its been a crazy ride, and I am glad that things are slowing down. I am now in the process of re evaluating my path and making this pottery thing survive this season, and continue to grow. This is not as easy as it might seem. But in the end, lizziespots, has a new home, and a new studio.

This move was both unexpected, and very poorly timed. It was extremely difficult to balance all of the important things in my life, keep my business going, and my family together and sane. All in all, we have come out the other side(almost) a little worse for the wear, a little bit dusty, but mostly intact. I have learned a lot about my own resilience through this move. I have strengthened some friendships, and I have made some new ones.  I am busily trying to restructure my business, and make up for the loss of income and of production time that were a result of the move. I very nearly tossed in the towel, and quit pottery altogether. At times it seemed nearly impossible to keep up with all the many things that needed to be done. I am exhausted, but I am nearly there. My last few back orders will ship this week. I will be able to breathe for a minute, and tackle the next hurdle.


  1. Before I started doing pottery, we moved four times in five years. If I had been trying to keep a pottery business going with all of that packing and looking for a house and finding a school for my daughter and the million other things that come along with a move.... I would have lost my mind! I was amazed to read that you kept on with pottery through a move, sheer insanity and bravery!!! Good luck in your new home :) it's all down hill now, the worst must definitely be behind you.

  2. Glad you're on the cusp of being able to breathe. Hang in there, Lizzie! You'll come out the other side stronger than ever.

  3. That which does not kill us makes us stronger, RIGHT!?
    You still need to send me your new address so I can send you your weaving binder!
    Best do it through e-mail