Wednesday, July 6, 2011

NSDCC Summer Show July 22 -24 2011

I am so pleased to be the cover artist for the NSDCC Summer show Flyer! Sharing the page with a good friend Joan Mackenzie. Two Capers on the cover.. next , we take over the world!!
So y'all gotta come check out my booth at the summer show in Halifax. I will have lots of this fine confetti ware, and some other whimsical pots to check out.


  1. Sweet! I hope that you have an awesome show!

  2. Liz,

    You need to change the settings on your blog so the comments pop up in different window. That way you can view comments in a few posts without having to reload the main page each time you want to view the other comments. Jackie had her settings like yours at first, and after changing it was much better.

    Nice looking plates, by the way. Hope you do well at the show.

    Jackie and I are four days into a Raku course with Peter, and it has been really good. Clay as stiff as a waterlogged man in the morning, but otherwise a great experience. My hands are only bleeding in three places. Today, after we stopped throwing, I did my first ever hand construction. It was pretty nice, but I still like the wheel best. I've been on a Shimpo LS Whisper this week, and loving the total silence of the brushless motor.

    We'll probably post some photos of the stuff on Jackie's blog after it's all over. Jackie has some shots of "in progress" and we'll definitely be taking photos of the results.

  3. Okay, the show is over. We need a report. And you might find it interesting to check Jackie's blog. We had a fun week at pottery camp.