Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My Life's Work

I am extremely happy with the way my work has been developing over the past little while. The feedback online and in person has been phenomenal. I have been working very hard to develop the Celtic Porcelain line into something I can be proud of, and I think that I just might be getting somewhere with it.
I have had many technical problems to work out with these latest peices. The heavy stamping, and layering of stamps was wreaking havoc with the rims during drying. Many adjustments were made in the depth of the stamps, the thickness of the clay, the speed of the drying and even the curve of the pots themselves . Finally I have most of the kinks worked out, and my successes are many, and my losses are few. 
Those who know me well, will attest that I am VERY particular about my work. I pay a great deal of attention to detail, in both the design and execution of my work. I research technique relentlessly,I seek out both advice and criticism. I want my work to stand on its own merit. I am a perfectionist, and I am okay with being that way. I have friends who keep that in check for me. Mostly I listen to the voice of sanity that they represent. Mostly. Sometimes I just hand them the pot in question, and tell them to take it home, out of my radar. Either way, we all end up happy.

The part I struggle with the most is maintaining "true" production work. I feel that I am almost there with the confetti line. I have a set range of products, they are basically alike, the colours are consistant, the stamps are the same, the variation comes in the patterning, I like that the stamps are randomized, no two peices are exactly the same pattern.  However I can now set a table with this line, which I guess makes it semi complete. Now I just have to make bunches of it without flying off on another design tangent.
I have decided to reward myself for this tight and consistant line by  giving myself complete artistic freedom on my large Celtic pieces. I am allowing myself this playground, this permission to make 'em all different. This is where I want to be.


  1. Liz. You do good work, and I hope you can make a living from it. I can well imagine that your last few months have been very difficult. Having faced a recent eviction, the need to get a place to live, and all of the aftermath of that, while working a demanding job, and now having to move elderly parents out of their home of 60 years, and do a thousand chores that nobody else can do for this family, I feel your pain. I feel overwhelmed every day. It seems to be the new "normal" of modern life. Sucks, for sure, but it's the game we are forced to play.

    But I think you've got good stuff that looks great and people will want, and you just need to keep working and you can make some kind of living off of it. It'll be relentless, but it's possible. My job is also relentless. And perhaps less rewarding, because I don't get to see anything I made. How do you see the effect you have on a mind? But you can hold pottery. I'm taking my third course starting next week. It feels good to hold a material object in your hands that you made.

  2. It all looks good to me! And I well remember the disappointment of opening up a kiln and seeing more failures than successes (as you alluded to on FB) But it seems that your successes are REAL successes and your line looks GREAT!
    Awesome! ANd good luck at your sales this season!

  3. October! Geeze! YOu are as bad as I am!

  4. It is me Jackie-0. I miss you a lot! You could email me if you want to. Jackie dot liberto at gmail dot com. I would love to know how you are doing.

  5. Hey Liz. I hear your ex got married again. Who's the "lucky" girl? Anyone we know?

    If you would rather answer in private, send the answer to Jackie on FaceBook (I'm not involved in that cesspool). We wonder who will be the next victim of Ruby the Terror.