Friday, August 13, 2010


Its been a busy week round here. We have cleaned and reorganized the Studio, exposing yet MORE of the awful Pink floor. I really must paint that one of these days. I have designed four new pendants, and made some prototypes. And did the internet shopping trip from hell to get the girl her birthday present.
who new it would be so damned difficult to buy a Misfits shirt in Canada! I ended up buying two shirts from a site in the US, I am terribly concerned that the duty on these shirts will be more than I paid for the shirts themselves. Eek.
This week has been full of fun Deliveries for me! On Monday it was a mug and some goodies from Becky Jo, on Wednesday I got my new kiln.... and on Thursday, Mugs and a vase came from Gary!(workin on that bowl for ya Gary...) It's like Christmas in August!!!

Now the Kiln is curently languishing in the woodshed, Cause it won't fit through the door. we looked at taking it apart and putting it back together, and we looked at popping out the false wall in the Garage door opening. The false wall is going under deconstruction later today. meanwhile, here's a shot of some of the new pendants in progress.
 and one of the puuper, cause she's so darn cute.

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  1. Those are some kick ass pendants! So intricate.
    Every pic of the puppy she just reminds me of a tiny, fluffy seal.