Monday, August 9, 2010


Today was pretty much a normal Monday. I woke up did paperwork, ran to town to drop off paperwork, and meet Sarah's Husband to return her wheel. I went to town again to do some groceries. I went to town a third time, to have coffee with the textile types, and drop off yarn bowls. This is a bit of driving, back and forth and back and forth..... I was pooped when I got home. Not to mention the guilt over my carbon footprint expanding exponentially over the day... PLUM tuckered out, especially after driving behind the slowest drivers ever.... (65 in a 90 zone, followed by 35 in a 80 zone----two different drivers.....)
When I got home, I sent Mason down to check the mail. This is a Mason job these days, as it is building up to India's Birthday, and we hoard the stash away from her til the day. That girl will drive a person CRAZY trying to open stuff early.
He came back with a notice that there was a package.... so I trucked out to the car and drove to our local depanneur/gas station/liquor store/post office/hardware store, to pick up what I thought was a present for the girl child.
BUT IT WAS FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!
It was awesome!!!!!!
and it was from Becky Jo! I nearly peed my pants! look what was inside!!! there was also a wine cork thing( awesome, and being used right now...) but India coundn't fit it in the photo.... see,  its plugging that bottle of wine propping up the card.
Please ignore the bad lighthing in this photo, this cup is fabulous, it fits my hand perfectly, and is just the right weight and feel. Makes the cheap ass wine taste better even.  I love it!!!! (ok, the wine is an award winner, but still pretty cheap).
 This made my day!
See,  Becky Jo and I were both in the same mug exchange, and she got ME! I got a stranger, but I am sure she's a cool stranger. A cool and patient stranger, as she has not as of yet recieved her mug.... (yay Canada post....expensive, incredibly confusing, and slow..)
so I say to you Becky Jo, Thank you, merci. and I will totally treasure this mug.


  1. You have no idea how happy I am that: A. You love it and: B. It made it there unbroken. I had to keep convincing myself to NOT tell you.. it was hard, but I managed it. ~Oh, and I'm glad you didn't pee your pants~ ;)

  2. Her pottery is so awesome! Love it. did you say 90 mph zone?? Where the hell do you live?

  3. I live in Canada, we do Kilometers, instead of