Thursday, August 26, 2010

Change is Good

Its been all about the change around here over the past few weeks. For the past couple of years I have been making pots in the corner of what doubles as a studio and storage room. I have organized, and reorganized and carved out a corner of usable space. But for a while now I have been feeling the need for a more efficient, less slapdash setup. I have work in three new galleries this year, I have added two new shows to my agenda, and purchased a new kiln. My work is evolving, and I am feeling the need to get more serious about it.
the entranceway, where I will have some retail display
So in that spirit I have made a pretty firm decision to take my career as an artist and crank it up a notch. I am renovating my studio, and opening it up. I am adding a retail space, and reconfiguring the work space so that I can teach small groups. My first class starts on the 8th of September, and I want the retail space ready to go for October 1st. I have commited to having an open house sometime between the 8th and 16 of October during Celtic Colours.This might be a bit of a challenge! Cause, the space is currently housing a fairly large collection of boxes and totes full of art supplies. Not to mention the mess from making molds this afternoon. I am going to share some 'Before' photos with you, so you can truly appreciate the change when I post photos of the swanky new studio to be coming soon. You can't really tell in these photos, but the walls are an AWFUL pink colour, and so is the floor. It is pretty gross. That is going, and
Indias workspace to the left, she's a superstar.
my workspace in the corner,excuse the plaster mess all over the table.One cabinet houses glaze material, the other fabric dyes, and more yarn.
my secret life as a painter, sh don't tell.Those plastic totes are full of yarn and fabric. All eight of them.There are six more that aren't shown. I might have a bit of a
So there you have it. What a mess to contend with, I will be busting my chops to get this place ship shape and get pots made too. I will keep you all updated on the progress.....Wish me luck!