Wednesday, March 10, 2010

It Ain't Easy Being Green.....

It's that time of year again, when the snow begins to recede, the river thaws and the view out my window looks like this. It makes it pretty darned hard to concentrate on making things. Spring is coming, St Patricks day is nearly here, and I am trying out new cameras.  My Daughter's old HP has nearly bit the dust, and doesn't take a good product shot for love nor money. I borrowed an Olympus from my friend last week, it worked ok, I liked it well enough, but today my Friend Lynda Lou handed me her camera to try. I may well have just found the camera that was meant for me. I hope it falls into my price range. I am almost afraid to ask. My budget is pretty small, my needs are few, just decent product shots with minimum fuss. I am not patient with fiddly photo equipment. These shots turned out pretty good I think. Green and quiteIrish with Their Celtic triskele stamping. Ready for Spring, and a good Irish Stout


  1. green beer out of a green mug, what could be better... or more irish? i like the mugs with the stamping around the foot.

  2. Nice job!Product shots are so important and I so suck at it!

  3. I suck at it usually, but.... I bought a sheet of matte grey paper. Borrowed my friend Lynda Lou's canon powershot elf. Totally point and shoot, even decide's if its macro or not and voila! tweaked the levels in paint shop pro photo, and voila.