Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Are We There Yet?

I have been firing the kiln at the Craft Centre for weeks it seems. An endless cycle of load/unload driving back and forth 20 minutes each way, and getting the student's work done so they can take it home and we can start all over again on the 12th. It's a bit of a pain, this catching up thing. Normally I have it all done by now, but we had a bit of a kiln glitch in the middle of term. Then it was waiting for parts, and getting the parts installed and then, catching up with the firings. My preference would have been to just fire back to back firings til they were done, but , I have to fit them in during office hours, and now we have Easter coming. An extra long weekend, right in the middle of Catching up. All the extra running is playing Havoc with my studio time.
On a happy note though. I have the best students ever! they are so creative and are really making some groovy pots.
These pots are the first ones they made, slab built for the most part. The small blue and brown mug in the middle was from one of the more advanced students.


  1. student work is great - so lively and fun. my good friend teaches kids on long island and whenever i stop in to say hi i check out their work. its very honest, like therapy or something. very direct

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