Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A little Side Project

This summer, J and I have been spending a fair bit of time checking out the beaches of our fair Island. There is something so wonderful about the sound and smell of the ocean, something magical about the wee treasures it brings to the shore , particularly after a storm. Over the summer we have collected a fair amount of wee sea treasures. Bits of sea glass, shards of porcelain that have been weathered and tumbled by the ocean into smooth beautiful little jewels, some beautiful pebbles and rocks, even a fossil or two, or ten.... 
Last weekend we travelled to Inverness. We had both heard great things about the beauty of this beach, and about its treasures
It was a beautiful day, and so worth the drive. We walked a fair distance on the beach, and found some beautiful stones a few bits of sea glass and this.. 

Its not very big, but its beautifully worn and has such a nice pattern on it. the reverse side is a lovely crazed grey blue. I think I may well make a pendant out of it. 


  1. Come on, you and Jackie are both delinquent at updating your blogs. Let's see some pots, or a story. I remove bookmarks when they go dead, and you two are about to hit the chopping block.

  2. eek. alright I'll get right on that