Wednesday, June 2, 2010

India, if you Bite me , You are Fighting Like a Girl!

So I was like, "what should I blog about?"
Mason said "Write about Nietzsche"
and I am like "what should I say?"
and he hands me a copy of  The Portable Nietzsche, and says just read this, and write your impressions. Its 692 pages long. I am like "Dude, I want to write the post today, like be done five minutes from now"
India is like "I am stuck on the floor, I need help up!"
Mason takes advantage of the prone sister to be a typical brother and torture her, by poking her in the belly. She retaliates by trying to bite his ankle.
Mason says, "India if you bite me, you 're fighting like a girl!"

in his defense he said
"I was being Nietzschian, cause I was like the overman, and she was just the human"
so there you are. A philosophical lesson for the day, Via my sixteen year old.