Wednesday, June 2, 2010

India, if you Bite me , You are Fighting Like a Girl!

So I was like, "what should I blog about?"
Mason said "Write about Nietzsche"
and I am like "what should I say?"
and he hands me a copy of  The Portable Nietzsche, and says just read this, and write your impressions. Its 692 pages long. I am like "Dude, I want to write the post today, like be done five minutes from now"
India is like "I am stuck on the floor, I need help up!"
Mason takes advantage of the prone sister to be a typical brother and torture her, by poking her in the belly. She retaliates by trying to bite his ankle.
Mason says, "India if you bite me, you 're fighting like a girl!"

in his defense he said
"I was being Nietzschian, cause I was like the overman, and she was just the human"
so there you are. A philosophical lesson for the day, Via my sixteen year old.


  1. fighting like a girl=winning
    Sometimes a girl has to bite and scratch to win.

    Getting off the ground when you're laughing is nearly impossible. I have learned that during my 31 years on this earth.

  2. And, what is so wrong about a girl fighting like a girl?

  3. I am with ya on that! Laughing is the downfall for sure, and hey fighting like a girl works most times! It was all in good fun. No children or books were harmed in the process

  4. fact is, India would no doubt kick Mason's AZZ when it comes down to it, and now she is getting that vicious rottweiler...boy better BEHAVE

  5. lol! Gary yeah, she likely would kick his azz, they were just kidding around, hardly ever a real fight between them, arguments yes, but this was too funny not to post

  6. He should be glad that she didn't do that other girl trick and kick him in the pills!