Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Adventures on My Island

Yesterday, Mason and I drove the world famous Cabot Trail. we stopped off to see my pal Sarah, Raku potter/ bookstore owner and all round fun gal. Mason came away with a big bag full of books, and I bought this lovely new pendant
Sarah makes all these neat animal sculptures and pendants and soooooo much more. Everyone should come to Cape Breton and shop at her store. Do it. C'mon, ya know you want to.........
Anyway, twas a day full of adventure for Mason and I. We were looking forward to taking all kinds of breathetakingly beautiful pictures of our small slice of heaven. We were gonna make you all just want to pack it in and move here. It was a devious plan, but it was gonna work dammit!!!!!!
However, the best laid plans and all... FOG happens a lot when you live on an island in the atlantic. so here we have a random sampling of the actual pictures we took.
the fog has obliterated the entire top of this mountain that we are about to climb
as we begin to climb it is beautiful, and we are not yet into the fog
and then it begins
so this was our view for most of the hair raising trip through hairpin turns, and steep incline/decline 30 km per hour speed limit which often became 15km by shear virtue of not being able to see whether we were going up or down, or which side of the road was a shear drop off. We saw a moose trotting along the side of the road at one point. He was HUGE and beautiful, and Mason forgot to take a picture cause he was mesmerized by the thing.
Eventually we reached our destination, this is a neat gallery and the studio of William Roach, folk artist.. They don't allow photos inside, but I have to say his work is AMAZING, they also sell other peoples's work, mine included. and yes those are Merpeople on the side of the gallery.
After the harrowing drive through the trail, we needed sustanance. and possibly a glass of wine. so we went into Cheticamp and found a lovely little restaurant on the water. The wonderful waitress brought me this
the wine is mine, the hands and Michael Moore book are Mason's. we were sitting by the window and out on the bay we could see thisand it looked as though they were playing some odd game of golf off of this boat and onto the land. I was a bit confused, and curious. Mason presumed they were up to some sort of nefarious activity, and the hilarious guesses about the activity in question just got sillier and sillier. Eventually they came ashore, notice the green box like construction, at the back? I was right it was a golf green. odd location for golfing ,no?so then they start setting up the cameras and such on the dock. and putting makeup on the guy in the green coat to the left. VERY curious, obviously not crazy smugglers, but who??? and Why???
Finally we asked the waitress and she said>>> wait for it.... its ROCH VOISINE apparently he has been in Cheticamp pulling crazy stunts all week and filming them. I have no idea why or what sort of crazy project I witnessed but its cool. Me, witnessing the fabulous crooner himself doing silly stunts up close and personal like.
Sure it wasn't as cool as the time I met and had coffee with Bo Derek, and discussed art with Wayne Rogers, but on a scale of one to ten, it was a solid 6.
After this, we headed home via the TCH, I was not at all interested in Braving the Cabot Trail at night. uh uh, no way.


  1. It was fun to see you, I'm glad you like your seahorse. :)You had coffee with Bo Derek?! wow.
    The Cabot Trail's not bad at night, you just have to go slower!

  2. You guys are adventurers! Driving in the mountains is scary. I've only had to once. Otherwise my Dad did all our mountain driving on vacations. The one time I did was when I dropped Mom and Dad off for a hike and I had to take the rest of us back to the camp ground. I put it into 2nd and went on my way down the mountain. Talking to myself the entire time. When anyone else in teh car talked I shouted "stop talking! I'm driving down the mountain!" and they said, "well you're talking." To myself!

  3. Yup, I had coffee with Bo Derek, and red wine with Wayne Rogers and Stepehn Shellen, all on the same day. It was really cool.

  4. Wow... That is an adventurous day! I must play boat golf. WOW!