Monday, October 11, 2010

Blog Slacking....

Things have been really hectic around here... and thus my poor blog has been neglected.. I am going to make a concerted effort to change that.
Classes are well underway at my studio, I am running two classes at the moment, but will be adding a few workshop Saturdays in the next month or so, and an afterschool class for kids. I must say I am thoroughly enjoying teaching at home. And my students are making some pretty fantastic stuff.
I have been playing around with soem new glazes, and new forms over the past couple of weeks, I am pretty happy with the new pendants I have come up with, as well as my new little plate shapes. Check em Out...
I think They are pretty snazzy, and I have pretty much sold most of the first run of these little ladies. Now the plates are a different story, I am loving the shapes, but stalling on the glazing. I want Vibrant pretty glazes in nice clear colours. I tried the Commercial glaze route with some success, some failure.. and a whole lotta, brushing of three coats of glaze.

This is the big problem, I discovered that I hate the three coats of brushing. I am a dipper, a pourer, and a quick painted design kinda gal. So now I have a gazillion plates to dip and pour and paint. But can't decide on a glaze. I may have to just start blindly dipping in all buckets til I find something that works.

It was a crazy week last week round here, one minor disaster after another, ending with a broken camera yesterday, just as I was wanting to post stuff to etsy. This week will be better, I decree it to be so. we are starting Monday off with some good ole, punk rock music and random glaze dipping. Wish me luck!
oh, and check out the new stuff posted on etsy, buy some! you know you wanna!


  1. Oh, look at the little boobie goddesses. Oh, and I can tell you what is behind the question mark.

    I have a bronze boobie goddess on my window sill. Love her, even though I'm more of a leg man.