Monday, September 13, 2010

New Stuff

My Pottery Classes officially start on Wednesday night. There was a little gathering of sorts last Wednesday, it involved some Red Wine, and some clay, but it was not so much a class as a Hey the studio's done! gathering. This week will be more class like, with ya know, learning and stuff, and all three of my evening students. I think I am going to like teaching at home. 
I fired my first glaze load in the new kiln yesterday, everything came out looking like it should. I did have one s cracked mug, first time that has happened in years, but all in all a very successfull firing.I took some quick snaps of the pots, but will have to do a more professional job later this evening. It was not really a full load, but I was impatient and needed to fire so I could see the results. Tomorrow, we load up another bisque, if all goes well.