Friday, July 16, 2010

Takin a little Breather

Well its been go, go, go here getting ready for the Halifax show. So many pots to make, so many papers to fill out, and SO much cash flowing in an outward direction. Here's hoping I can recoup some of that cash in sales! Last night I had nightmares that the kiln didn't actually start, and that none of my pots would be done for the show. I was so traumatised that I got in the car first thing this morning and drove all the way to town to check for myself that everything was ok.
I am sure the girls at the Craft Centre think I am crazy.
They are probably right.
So today I am taking a few hours to hang with the kids, and perhaps drag them off to the seashore. It will be good.


  1. and a little update, the kiln did have a problem, after I left the Centre, maybe I am psychic. don't know when the problem occurred, but we shall see what the results were when I unload tomorrow. sigh, time for a glass of shiraz, cause what else can you do?

  2. Whoa. Always trust your dreams. I've had weird dream things happen too. It's freaky. YES drink the shiraz. I'm hitting up the rum.

    And you deserve a breather! You've been a busy little beaver.

  3. I just met the bottom of the bottle of shiraz..... now i must play video games, or go to

  4. LIZ! How did it turn out? These bowls, btw, look quite awesome :)

  5. It turned out ok, the pots survived, they are a bit glossier than normal, but pretty nice.

  6. Hi Liz,
    It was nice to see your pots at the Halifax show, I liked your yarn bowls, it is a great idea. I hope you did well in Halifax this weekend